The cure for keyword blindness

QueryHive™ provides you with visibility into your query data and allows you to make actionable recommendations. We help you distill the ocean of query data into buckets relevant to your business objectives.

Understand Organic Traffic Better
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How It Works

Segment Your Queries

Group together related keywords to create keyword buckets, and begin to make sense out of the keyword chaos.

Discover Your TrueRank™

Get rank numbers that reflect the real world using GWT data combined with our composite rank metric called TrueRank.

Analyze Your Buckets

Interpret the data, and with the help of our signals, identify the key drivers and opportunities.

Improve Your Performance

Develop actionable next steps, and recommendations from the discoveries you're making, and make progress every month.

The Story & People behind QueryHive

QueryHive was created out of necessity, by a team of digital marketers and developers, as a platform for analyzing & exploring pre-click search query data - brought on by the "keyword not provided" change and the disruption to standard SEO processes that this caused.

As a digital marketing agency, we needed a way to measure, analyze, and ultimately understand what is happening month-to-month on our clients websites (and our own), and it was out of this need that this tool was developed. We needed to make sense out of the ocean of queries, and turn it into a smaller, manageable stream of actionable insights.

We now use QueryHive as a part of our process on all of our SEO engagements. We believe it allows search professionals to do their job more effectively, and in less time. We think it's a pretty nifty tool, and we are nearly ready to share it with the world.

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Is QueryHive right for you?

QueryHive is a tool that is most helpful to search professionals working on Websites with large numbers of search queries.
If you:
  • have access to a Google Webmaster Tools Account
  • are accountable for SEO results
  • have more than 500 queries monthly in Webmaster Tools
then QueryHive is for you!

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